Fototrackr is a tool for tracking goals via Instagram. The idea surfaced when I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions. People often make resolutions to improve large, macro level things they don’t like about themselves, such as “lose weight” or “get a better job”… but for me, I like to break things down into specific small goals like learning a new skill, visiting a new city, trying new foods, and so on. So Fototrackr was a way to list out all of the things I wanted to do and keep track of each one as I ‘complete’ it by uploading photos on Instagram.

How it works is very simple:

  1. Sign in to the site via your Instagram account
  2. Add goals to the goals page. Each goal is assigned a goal number.
  3. Do awesome stuff
  4. Upload a photo to instagram and tag it with the goal number
  5. Return to Fototrackr to see and share your progress via your goal profile page

Main Screen

Goal Profile Page

 Goals Home

Unfortunately, after I worked on the site for a while I realized that some quirks in the Instagram API ToS would prevent Fototrackr from being approved to leave sandbox mode, so it won’t go live in is current form. But it was still a fun little weekend project.

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