Relish all screens


I changed jobs at the end of last year, and as part of my onboarding needed to make the switch from Sketch to Figma. After using Sketch for 6 years I was a little nervous about making the transition, so I signed up for a training course on Udemy. The final assignment for the course …

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Version 1 Portfolio

Portfolio History

I recently updated my portfolio after working as a designer professionally for almost seven years. I thought it would be fun to look back at previous iterations of my portfolio to see how it has changed over the years.

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Fototrackr is a tool for tracking goals via Instagram. The idea surfaced when I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions. People often make resolutions to improve large, macro level things they don’t like about themselves, such as “lose weight” or “get a better job”… but for me, I like to break things down into specific small …

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This summer I planted my first vegetable garden, with moderate success. The hardest thing as a beginner gardener is to know a) what to plant, b) when and where to plant it in your yard, and c) how often to water it. When I was planning out the garden I looked around for an app I …

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When I was first starting to search for a house, I consulted online forums to find out which real estate search engine was recommended, and learned that pretty much everyone uses a mishmash of sites to take advantage of differing feature sets. In my searches, I have personally used Zillow for property and rent estimates as well as properties out …

Read more is an international job search tool. I originally created it in 2012, and then later refined the interface for a more modern experience. I developed the site after I realized that the API provided the ability to query its job database by country, a feature not offered by the company’s main website. After the first version was …

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Rocket Fares

Like most people, I love to travel. When I have time to kill I often find myself clicking around Kayak’s Explore feature, just to daydream about future vacations and see what kind of flight deals are out there for the next few months. At one point it occurred to me that I was missing a key piece of information – …

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Fish DB

This summer I participated in the first annual Fishackathon, a two day event that brings coders together to work on projects for sustainable fishing and ocean preservation. The hackathon was held in many cities across the US, and was sponsored by the U.S. State department in participation with local aquariums. As part of this event we got …

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StreetSavvy is a mobile web-based mapping tool that aims to improve the pedestrian experience by helping users make informed decisions about which route to walk. We created StreetSavvy based on the premise that existing mapping tools do not have enough information relevant for pedestrians who are concerned about safety. With standard Google Maps, users request walking directions …

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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is a web-enabled teddy bear that transforms the physical world into an interactive learning environment. This project was a group effort for a course in Interactive Device Design in Berkeley’s Citrus innovation lab. For my part of the project I was responsible for designing and developing the Fuzzy Logic Android app, which let the user configure …

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