Version 1 Portfolio

Portfolio History

I recently updated my portfolio after working as a designer professionally for almost seven years. I thought it would be fun to look back at previous iterations of my portfolio to see how it has changed over the years.

Portfolio V1 (2012)

Version 1 Portfolio
I was really into bikes at the time and skeuomorphism was still kind of cool.

Portfolio V2 (2013)

I barely remember this one. It had a carousel of featured projects at the top with far too much box shadow.

Portfolio V3 (also 2013)

Apparently I wasn’t a fan of portfolio v2 because I made a new one shortly after, which had all of my projects in a single list and filters on the left. In hindsight, the previous one was actually more usable!

Portfolio V4 (2016)

For my fourth portfolio I moved everything to WordPress and just added a custom style sheet. I needed a place to host my school projects and random weekend experiments that would be separate from actual professional work. I had this sidebar saying I was working on a new portfolio for the next 4 years…

Portfolio V5

My updated portfolio with case studies of my professional work.

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